Will there be any more "profound" revolutions in science?

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Will there be any more "profound" revolutions in science?

Hello all,

 I read that when Einstein first proposed in 1905 that light was quantized (i.e., that quanta were actually real, as opposed to the heuristic that Planck had considered them to be), the scientific community was "highly skeptical." Yet of course it turned out to be so and quantum theory "changed science." Relativity was a major change of outlook as well.

Do we think the remaining things we don't fully understand will require such radical "retooling," or is it likely that those two were the big ones and the rest will involved less thoroughgoing alterations? I read that obtaining a quantum theory of gravity is one of the major remaining difficulties - are there any other things that are that problematic, or is that the only major issue that remains?




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